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Homicide: Life on the Street Season 6 Episode 6

Two Vietnamese teenagers witness the shooting of their parents and some friends. One of the friends was a cop and one of the shooters they say was another cop. That cop they discover failed her psyche evaluation but may have possibly gotten her job due to Affirmative Action; although strings pulled by her father proved to be her ticket into law enforcement. After they are able to implicate the cop in the shooting, as a bonus they discover the body of her string-pulling father. Ballard suffers from an allergic reaction to crabs. Falsone finds out that the case against Georgia Rae Mahoney is going to be dropped because of a lack of evidence. He suspects that the whole Mahoney thing is going to blow up in the department’s face, because he knows the Mahoney shooting didn’t go down the way Stivers, Kellerman and Lewis reported it. Kellerman debates with Cox about what he should do about the Mahoney situation.

Episode Title: Saigon Rose

Air Date: 1997-11-21