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Homicide: Life on the Street Season 6 Episode 12

Kellerman is trying to find Lewis, who’s disappeared since his suspension. Bayliss is on vacation. Stivers rotates into homicide and Kellerman isn’t happy to see her. A priest is found murdered. Falsone attends a custody deposition hearing. A tape is delivered to Channel 11 that contains some startling information from a Swami about the priest’s activities involving young boys. Munch and Kellerman seek out the two boys who were at the scene of the crime; meanwhile the other detectives seek out the Swami. Both are located, though the boys do not provide anything conclusive; they are held in protective custody. Kellerman searches for Lewis. Meanwhile, church members protest in front of the station house. Falsone gets his son for a weekend. Ballard and Gharty detain a corner kid who might be identifiable as one of three who had frightened a priest. Unfortunately, that priest (a monsignor) can’t make a positive ID. Because of public pressure, the boys are released from custody to stay with

Episode Title: Something Sacred (1)

Air Date: 1998-01-30