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Back to Life Season 1 Episode 6

Miri wakes up in a police cell once again – this time charged with arson. Although a mystery alibi quickly clears her name, the community will take a little longer to accept her innocence. After he secures her release, Miri agrees to meet the mysterious Scandinavian man who’s been following her since her return. He claims to know why Lara was so angry with Miri on the night that she died. His conclusion is far-fetched – but is it as far from the truth as it might first seem? Disappointed, Miri returns home to find that the vandals have struck again. It may be Oscar’s birthday, but the Mattesons aren’t going to get a break… To make matters worse, Billy is now a target too. Hurt and angry, Miri is still determined to move on and be judged for the person she is now, not for the terrible thing she did many years ago. Things come to a head as Miri confronts the community at a meeting held to run her out of town. As the meeting erupts in to turmoil, secrets and lies are laid bare, and it turns out that Miri isn’t the only one with a dark past.

Serie: Back to Life

Episode Title: Episode 6

Air Date: 2019-04-15